5 Tips for Building Your Brand Identity

Branding 101

When is the perfect time to evaluate where you see yourself as a Realtor® and take your brand to the next level? As often as possible! Whether you’re a marketing pro or just getting started, there’s always room to evolve with your business. 

Clients fall in love with the people before the business. That’s why, we’ve come up with 5 tips to help with building your brand identity. 

#1 Define your purpose, vision, and audience

You must know who you are, why you do what you do, and who you’re trying to build a cohesive brand identity. Every decision you make—now and in the future—is based on it.

#2 Tell your story

The story behind your brand gives shape to your purpose. It tells people why you exist and how it relates to them. When executed right, a story establishes an emotional connection between people and your brand.

Testimonial Props

#3 Develop your brand elements

This is where most Realtors start—with a logo and colors. This should tie into your initial goal of defining your purpose, vision, and audience. As you expand, carry this through as you develop taglines, tone, typography, and so on. Once you have that done, you're ready to brand your products, aka the real estate tools to go in your toolkit! Check out our custom items here!

#4 Build trust

The more people hear from you whether it be from phone calls or social media, the more comfortable they will be with your brand. Stay consistent with your outreach and create that emotional bond.

#5 Create a positive experience every time

As you build trust, the less selling you will have to do. Once you’ve established yourself as a dependable resource, your clients will be happy to refer you to friends and family.