5 Tips for Halloween Themed Marketing Ideas

When planning your marketing strategy, every holiday is an opportunity to engage with new leads and past clients. Even with social gatherings being a bit different this year, reconnecting with your community doesn’t have to change. With a little creativity and some Halloween spirit, people will love to see your personality through your holiday themed content. 

At All Things Real Estate, we LOVE to get creative with new holiday products to help you stand out. Today, we will be sharing 5 tips to help you with Halloween themed marketing ideas. These tips can be applied for other upcoming holidays too! 

Holiday Marketing 101

#1 Leave a Candy Box at the door

Trick or treating plans may change this year but candy giving is still a must! Drop off a candy box filled with your favorite treats to your neighbors and clients. Looking for fun Halloween Candy Cartons? View HERE

#2 Decorate your Open House

Make people stop by adding a few Halloween decorations to the interior and exterior of your listing! From Halloween sign riders to festive Welcome signs, your clients will appreciate the small touches that will make your listings feel like home. Check out our Halloween Collection HERE 

#3 Post your Halloween activities

Snap some photos while doing a Halloween activity! Many social media users are searching for Halloween content through hashtags and searches. This is a prime time to expand your network and generate new leads!

#4 Send Halloween mailers

Sending holiday cards in the mail never goes out of style. Send your past clients a holiday card to check in. This is a perfect time to see if they're still in the same home or looking to transition. 

#5 Theme your marketing campaigns

If you’re already doing marketing campaigns, update your regular email titles with catchy Halloween slogans. With holidays being a hot topic, people will be more likely to open your message and engage. 

#5 Decorate your sign posts

How fun to put some spider webs, corn stalks, pumpkins and of course our Halloween signs on your sign posts!

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