5 Ways to Bring Good Luck to a Home

When it’s time to show a home for your clients, a little luck can’t hurt. There are plenty of superstitions out there that Realtors® have tried over the years. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we’d share a few good luck charms. 

A festive touch at your Open House goes a long way. For this week’s Tips, we’re sharing 5 ways to bring good luck to a home. Try them out yourself and keep the deals rolling in!

Lucky Charms 101

#1 St. Joseph Statue

A St. Joseph Statue is one of the most popular trends. Being the Patron Saint of Real Estate, Realtors are known to bury him in the backyard of the home to bring in good luck. If you wish to try yourself, you can purchase HERE

#2 Merchant's Stone

Crystals are used to bring in good energy in many situations, real estate not being the expectation! Having them in the home is known to bring good fortune. Place these stones in a decorative bowl and bring them to a showing!

#3 Feng Shui

Roll up your sleeves and move around the furniture! Feng Shui is doing just hat. When you move around the furniture, it is said to bring balance to the home and open the space to good energy. 

#4 Lucky Acorn  

A lowly acorn is a symbol of luck! Placed right next to the window, this acorn is believed to bring protection to the home and ward off lighting.

#5 Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not only are you making a tasty snack, but baking cookies is known to bring good luck to a home. No long backstory included. Bake some treats and share!

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