5 Ways To Make A Lasting Impression

So, how do great Realtors stand out from the competition? There are lots of Realtors out there, each looking to make a lasting impression on their customers. If you want to be a long term resource for your clients, it takes more than just a one-time successful sale. 

Thoughtful touches and consistency can make all the difference when it comes to becoming a memorable agent.  That starts with making sure your clients and potential buyers feel listened to and cared for when they come to a meeting or walkthrough. How you follow up after the sale will put you front of mind when it comes to your clients giving recommendations to others.

Here at All Things Real Estate, we’re all about staying memorable. Today we’ll be sharing 5 ways to make a lasting impression after you close the deal.


Lasting Impressions 101

#1 Set reminders on your CRM

Create a schedule to touch base with clients once per quarter. Sending a handwritten letter or personalize email will show you took the time to check-in.

#2 Celebrate client milestones

Celebrate your client's special events such as Homebuyer Anniversaries or Birthdays. This a great opportunity to see if they still live in the home or thinking of upgrading!

#3 Remember their kids, pets, etc.

Have clients with children? A furry family member? Referencing these fun topics are easy conversation starters to engage your clients and show you care.

#4 Give back with a closing gift 

A client gift is a great way to show appreciation for their business. Gift cards to local restaurants or home accessories are easy gestures to celebrate their big day.

#5 Ask for a testimonial

Were your clients happy with your service? Make sure to ask for a testimonial after closing while the excitement is still fresh!

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