ATRE Products that say Thanks to the Co-Agent!

Celebration Cards

Send them a classic thank you note card! Maybe include a lottery ticket, a coupon, or something specific to that agent that you remember them sharing with you. Their favorite....

Celebration Cards

Agent Notes

Saying thank you for being so organized during our transaction, I thought of you when I saw this!

Coffee Goodies

Tumblers and mugs make a great accessory that we could all use with that morning cup of joe. So many great Realtor®/Coffee things you can say in that card lol

Real Estate Mug

Sale Pending Stickers

Send them a sale pending sticker after you go into contract saying this is for your next one!

Key Tags

Listing Agent: Send the buyers agent a key tag for their clients and congratulate them on getting into contract! With a little "This is for when we CLOSE!" note.

Key Tags

A Gift Card!

You can never go wrong with a gift card winking face 

Send the listing agent a follow up on the new homeowners: Share the pictures you captured for them to share with their sellers. How fun to see how happy the next people are to live in their home.

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  • Dill Ward

    YESSSS I’m going to start doing all of this. You are amazing, thank you for raising the vibration and allowing the human element to come out in this transactional business! <3

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