6 Marketing Strategies, BUT With a Twist

Marketing in real estate can be a challenging and competitive field, but there are strategies you can use to effectively promote your business, attract new clients, and stand out in the market, what more can you ask for with your time?!

Here are a few strategies with "BUT's" to try out:

1. Leverage social media platforms: Yea, yea, we know, we know! BUT, here's a way to make sure you're giving the people what they want. You probably use this without knowing it, but here's a way to intentionally use the "PEOPLE ALSO ASK" section in google. If you have a topic idea, plop it into your google search and then go down to people also ask, maybe you end up changing your topic, OR, there are 3,4,5 more topics for future marketing ideas, BAM!

2. Partner with local businesses: This is always an idea you'll get from the internet: Partner with local businesses to cross-promote each other's services. BUT, how about hosting a coffee chat about real estate AT your local coffee shop? OR, what's your favorite thing? Shoes? Cars? Is there a sales associate you like that you could partner with at the shoe store, the Car lot? Now that's different!

3. Host educational events: Host educational events for potential buyers and sellers in your area. These could be seminars on the home buying or selling process or workshops on topics such as home staging or financing. BUT, what if you brought in a panel of your local experts, or your "Team"; your home inspector, lender, a buyer who just bought with you, or seller, an appraiser? Talk about the amount of GOOD INFO your attendees would get from that crew. TIP: Either give them or ask for 5 topics or questions ahead of time to keep the momentum going, and have a structure to the chat.

4. Create a referral program: Offer incentives for current clients to refer you to their friends and family. Of course check with the rule makers; your broker, state REALTOR board, your tax people, etc. After that's squared away, what can you offer...check with your inner circle first for ideas, and be sure it's a win-win, something you can be promoting that would help their business too. A couple of nights stay at an Air BnB, free coffee for a month, Dinner once a month for a year at your fav spot, a ski pass in an area you work a lot in, the list goes on and on. Start in your inner circle, then to the places you visit often, and keep going outward. 

5. Use video marketing: All of the things above in # 2, 3, and 4, DO VIDEO!  Kill all the birds with one stone (what an awful phrase!) Use your videos to share industry insights and tips, connecting with your audience on a more personal level it's what's going to get you seen...and remembered! And don't forget, we have props for that!

6. Offer a concierge service: We LOVE THIS IDEA!! Have a concierge service for your clients, where you help them with tasks related to their move, such as setting up utilities or finding contractors. This can help differentiate you from other agents and make the home buying or selling process less stressful for your clients. Using an intern, someone looking to get into Real Estate, or a VA is a great task for them.  

We can't wait to see and hear about what you've done with this list! Please share and show us your process and/or end results. You can tag us @allthingsrealestate or #allthingsrealestate or send it to hello@allthingsrealestatestore.com

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