6 Tips for Creating Better Habits

The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate your goals. Before you can get started, you must create an action plan. Evaluate what you're currently doing and then find ways to improve on your system. With a strategy in place, it's time to create consistent habits to start seeing improvements within your personal and business objectives. 

Elevating your business takes some creativity and lots of determination. For this week's blog, we're sharing 6 tips for creating better habits within your real estate life. 

Creating Habits 101

#1 Have a morning routine

Majority of successful people have a routine before they even step into the office. Having a routine from the moment you wake up is a great way to create structure for the rest of the day. 

#2 Invest in yourself and your business

Investing in yourself can come in forms of time or money. Make time to educate yourself through podcasts, books, articles, webinars, etc. If you're juggling a busy schedule, choose something educational you can listen to while driving, cleaning, or doing other house-hold tasks. 

#3 Know your neighbors

Be prepared to be a resource at any time. When come across your friendly neighbors, be ready to provide up-to-date knowledge on what's happening in the market and your surrounding area. 

#4 Explain everything you're doing

When you provide an action plan for your clients, share the reasoning behind your decision. Keep them informed every step of the way. Go into detail about the potential road blocks that may occur along the way and how you, their trusted agent, would help guide them. 

#5 Have a sphere of influence and use them

Your job is to create a group of professionals to help leverage everything you do that's real estate related. Creating those relationships and sustaining them takes consistently. Whether you're following up with past clients or lenders, reach out on a regular basis to seek referrals or support. 

#6 Know what your clients want 

People do business with people. From day one, find out your client's wants, concerns, and goals. Once you are able to relate, you'll be able to understand what's important to them and be a go-to resource.


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