6 Tips For Creating Your Vision Board

As we wrap up the year, take time to reflect on your accomplishments and goals for the New Year. A Vision Board is a great place to start. Why? It’s taking the act to visualize who you want to be and what you want to accomplish. Grab a poster board, images, and craft supplies to create a visual display of your business and personal goals. Whether you create it DIY style or a digital version, the key is to have it be a daily reminder of your goals. 

Many high achieving entrepreneurs use Vision Boards and you can too! Start planning early and you’ll be set for the coming year. For this week’s Tips, here are 6 steps for getting started on your vision board.

Vision Boards 101

#1 Set goals and prioritize

First, sit and think about your goals. Think of it as a brain dump - write down all of things you look to achieve (in business and personal life). From there, prioritize top to bottom which one will make it to the board.

#2 Create a structure for your board

Decide how you want to categorize your board. You can organize it by two sections - business and personal. Once you determine what goes into each section, title and color code each.

#3 Find images and words

Search out images and words that embody your goals. Search through a stack of magazines or newspapers and clip out images. If you can’t find an image you’re looking for, print one online.

#4 Sort and arrange your images

Once you clip your photos/words, move around the placements to where each one fits best. At this point, you can begin to adjust the sizing to fit the dimensions of your board. After, glue it on!

#5 Add your own words/doodles

Think about the things you didn’t include to your board such as milestone dates, quotes, a sketched logo, etc. Add your personal touch to make it unique to your goals.

#6 Display your board and review it daily or at least weekly

Hang your board in a space you visit daily like an office or your bedroom. You can even take a photo and make it your screensaver on your phone. Wherever you go, your goals will be readily visible.

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    This is a good start, thank you

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