6 Tips for Effective Instagram Reels

Instagram is a hot spot for agents to promote themselves. With new tools coming out, Instagram Reels have been the new trend. Why choose Reels over uploading newsfeed videos? Because Reels provide exposure to your content outside of your community of followers and ultimately, that’s the goal of expanding your reach. 

For us, Reels have been a fun way to show our brand personality and connect with customers. For this weeks Tips, here's some info on how to utilize Instagram Reels to support your business. We took this advice too, they're great tips!

Reels 101

#1 Show content in a new way

Rather than using photos or infographics, translate that content through videos and Reels! A few ideas could be creating content around introducing your team, tips for clients, behind the scenes of your work day, and so on!

#2 Replace newsfeed posts with Reels

Social media is flooded with new posts so it’s key to optimize your content. When you post a Reel, you’re able to reach people outside your network with similar interests. The more views, the more exposure!

#3 Share Reels to your story

At peak hours, don't let your posts get overshadowed. Share your Reels to your Story to notify your followers! If your Story is filled with content that day, pre-save the Reel for a down day and reactive your followers to engage. 

#4 Pre-produce your Reels using other apps

Some of the best Reels are created and edited using other apps. If you’re tech savvy and use platforms like TikTok or Canva, get creative with their advanced features. From there, you can share to your IG account.

#5 Use popular audio 

New social media trends are always coming up. Find audio or themes you like and join the movement! When you include a popular audio sample in a Reel, other IG users will be searching for content using that audio. Therefore, it will drive more traffic to your page.

#6 Keep it real!

Reels don’t have to have to be perfectly polished. The best thing you can do for your business is to keep it personable and engaging. Skip using cover photos from your camera roll, instead, choose a snippet from the video that best embodies your content.

For more tips on Reels, visit Your Social Team

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