6 Tips for Getting Organized - ATRE Style

The New Year is a great time to revamp your new and ongoing goals. Don’t let them slip due to a busy schedule. Instead, get organized! Prepare your physical spaces, your schedule, and time to make these goals attainable. If it’s feeling overwhelming, don’t stress. We’re here to help!

At All Things Real Estate, we’re constantly evolving our products and marketing. How do we execute efficiently? By preparation and organization! Here are 6 Tips that the ATRE team uses to get organized. 

Get Organized 101

#1 Get rid of clutter

The sea of papers piles up quick! Kick off the year by organizing your paperwork with dividers and folders. Take it a step further and color code them for easy access! At ATRE, we always have stylish Presentation Folders handy to keep us in check. Check them out HERE

#2 Write it down

A day full of multi-tasking is the norm. While you're juggling appointments and phone calls, make notes! Keep all of your notes in one place to avoid extra time looking for information. We LIVE by our Agent Notes because their portable and keep us organized on the go! 

#3 Make a digital and physical copy

We can't rely on technology to always have our backs. If you are exchanging information, have a digital and physical copy handy. However your clients stay organized, provide options! For your clients who prefer the pen and paper method, gift them with a Homebuyer Journal to keep them on track! 

#4 Revamp your CRM

Most agents already have a CRM tool but are you using it to full capacity? Review your CRM tool and identify what you want out of it. Try new features or consider a different tool that meets your needs. At ATRE, we're always measuring the success rate of CRM. When looking to improve, a quick call with support is helpful for additional training and potential upgrades! 

#5 Automate your marketing 

Once you have a marketing theme, run with it! An automated marketing tool is great for scheduling your posts or content during prime times. By planning ahead, you’ll stay consistent without the stress! We recommend trying Sked, a social media content manager that schedules your content in advance!

#6 Schedule your work hours and off hours 

Real estate can be a 24/7 job. You can provide the best service to your clients when you are prepared. Put time on your calendar to schedule work and personal time. Our team uses Google calendars to schedule meetings and block out time. Also, email away messages are great for keeping staff and clients in the loop for when we're off the clock.