6 Tips for Giving Back This Season

The challenges of the last few years have greatly impacted many individuals, families, and businesses. Many have experienced illness, job loss, homelessness, isolation, and so on. The holidays are the perfect time to put a smile on someone’s face who needs it most. If you’re in a position to help, make it a priority to give back this holiday season.

There are plenty of ways you can lend a hand while not compromising your health. For this week’s Tips, here are 6 ways you can give back this holiday season. 

Giving Back 101

#1 Donate to Organizations that are giving back in a way YOU want to give back

There are many individuals and organizations that could benefit from a donation. What's the saying, "Have Money But No Time", Or "Have Time But No Money", If you can't do one, hopefully you can do the other!

#2 Offer to grocery shop for someone in needed

You may have someone in your community with compromised health that could use help with essential tasks. If you have a friend, elderly client, or family member with health challenges, offer to pick up a load of groceries and deliver to their doorstep.

#3 Cook a holiday meal with local produce 

Farmers are still experiencing the financial hardships of 2020. If you want to give back to your community, shop at your local market. Not only will your meals be fresh, but you’ll help with keeping your local businesses alive.

#4 Support your local artists

Artists of all kinds are limited as to where they can sell, perform, and distribute their products/services. If you have an opportunity to come across an artist (online or in person), purchase their goods for yourself or gift to a friend!

#5 Put together a care package

Homelessness is a year around problem. Many organizations are experiencing shortages on staff and resources to provide. Do your part by putting together a care package with gloves, socks, masks, etc, to donate to a local shelter.

#6 Get your Clients, Friends & Family Involved

Set it up to make it easy for people to donate time or money. Figure out what the obstacles may be for an organization and see if you can streamline the process and get your people involved!  Could be as easy as setting up a schedule for volunteering where people can just pick a day and time slot. If people want to give money, how can you help streamline that process, maybe a day of picking up checks from people (and giving them a little popby treat at pick up)