6 Ways to Collab with Realtor Friends

There may be tons of Realtors in town but you quickly learn that the social bubble is small. In order to stand out, you must have a competitive advantage. The more you open yourself to expanding your network, the more opportunities will come. How do you start? Collaboration!

Many Realtors have taken to social networks to market their services. It’s the perfect place to share your personality and nurture potential clients. Getting past the social media noise can be tricky but you don’t have to do it alone.

At All Things Real Estate, we love collaborating with Realtors to elevate the look and feel of their brand. This week, we challenge you to do the same! Here are 6 ways you and your Realtors friends can start collaborating. 

Collaborating 101

#1 Content collabs

In a virtual time, there are plenty of ways to work together remotely. A few examples could be writing a blog article together, recording a zoom webinar, or recording a podcast!

#2 Give and receive feedback

Having a second set of eyes on your marketing content is always a good idea. With both of you in the industry, your friends know better than anyone which content will connect with viewers. 

#3 Comment on each other's posts

Engagement is key to getting content seen on social media feeds. The more people that like and comment on your posts, the easier it is to create a buzz around your page.

#4 Repost your friend's content

Find a Realtor friend that shares similar interests and audiences. If they share helpful content your viewers may enjoy too, share the post to add more value to your page and help your friend expand their network. 

#5 Give your friends shout outs!

Celebrate each other's accomplishments and share the news! This can add credibility if the praise is coming from a person they trust and follow.

#6 Ask for help

Need help with a specific task or goal? Refer to one of your reliable Realtor friends. They may be able to point you in the right direction or give you a helpful referral.

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