6 Tips for Showing Love This Valentine's Day

Holidays are the perfect time for getting festive! For Valentine’s Day, make sure to show some love to those around you. Whether you’re marketing yourself in person or online, clients and real estate friends will appreciate the extra effort you put into your business. No need to look far. We’ve got you covered. 

Small gestures go a long way! It’s time to prepare your marketing and gear for the big day in style. For this week’s Tips, we’re sharing 6 tips for showing love to your real estate community.

Valentine's Day 101

#1 Sweet treats!

Candy giving is a great way to brighten someone’s day! Packed in our Valentine's Candy Cartons, you can distribute your sweet treats in a sanitary and stylish way!

#2 Card Giving

When you're gifting, write your special note with Celebrations Cards! You can never go wrong with a stylish hand written card!

#3 Heart Balloons

At your next listing, celebrate Valentine’s Day with House Heart Balloons! It’s the perfect way to add a celebratory touch to welcoming your guests into a showing. Another option is to attach them to your Open House signs! 

#4 Valentine's Sign Riders

Help your clients sell their house with a little Valentine’s flare! Our Valentine’s Sign Riders stand out from the rest. Display one on the sign post and attract traffic to your listing.

#5 Pink Shoe Booties

Pink is perfect for the occasion! Have some Pink Booties available to share at your next showing. Your clients will LOVE the extra festivity when touring their potential home.

#6 Handy Homebuyer Journal

Equip your clients with a handy Homebuyer Journal! It’ll be their go-to resource for taking notes and keeping them involved every step of the transaction. Our Journals with the signature red heart is the way to go this season!


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