6 Ways To Thank Your Clients

Congrats! Your clients have finally closed the deal with the help of you, their trusted Realtor. The homebuying/homeselling journey can take several weeks and you’ve probably gotten to know your clients well at this point. 

Thank You baskets are always a hit after closing. Rather than recreating the same gifts, try putting your personal touch. Are your clients dog lovers? New in town? Take mental notes for you to apply when choosing a unique thank you gift for your special clients. 

We love providing a variety of products and designs to help Realtors stand out in any situation. Here are 6 ways you can thank your clients after closing.

Closing Gifts 101

#1 Celebration Cards

A hand written card will never go out of style. Write a nice note to your clients to thank them for choosing you. This is a great opportunity to place your business card within so they can reach you anytime! Looking for a perfect card for the occasion? View our Celebration Card collection HERE

#2 Stylish Key Tags

Make closing day special by handing over the keys in style. Attach a key tag to your client's new home keys to remember the big day! Check out our Key Tag options HERE

#3 Celebratory Drink

The perfect way to unwind from moving is with a beverage. Gift your clients with a bottle of wine, a beer growler filled with local craft beer, or coffee to start their morning. Looking to make it more festive? See our Bottle Tag options HERE

#4 Flower Bouquet 

Any empty house can use some color. Gift your clients with a bouquet of flowers to brighten up their home and show your appreciation! 

#5 Food Delivery Gift Cards

It takes time to fill up an empty fridge. Gift your clients with a food delivery gift card. Most grocery stores and super markets sell these. Your clients won’t have to leave the comfort of their home to enjoy their first meal!

#6 Framed Closing Day Photos

Closing day will always be one to remember. Take some photos of your clients at closing, make prints, and frame! It'll act as a memorable display to make their new house begin to feel like home. 

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