7 Questions to ask your people

Is there a single crazier month all year long?! December can sometimes seem like one big blur. But help is on the way! Why not take the stress of marketing your listings and keeping your buyers organized off your plate, and leave the heavy lifting to us. We’re here for all your real estate product and marketing needs!

Keeping your community engaged is so important, that’s how you build your tribe + your business. Here are 7 ?’s you can ask your people that will help create engagement, conversations, and connections within your community. 
  1. Take a poll… Idea: [City vs Suburbs]
  2. This or that...Idea: [Country Kitchen or Modern]
  3. Would you rather...Idea: [Buy a house or a condo]
  4. If you could...Idea: [Renovate a room in your house which one would it be]
  5. Fill in the blank...Idea: [My favorite place in the house is ____ ]
  6. What's one thing.....Idea: [Your dream house HAS to have?]
  7. I want to do more...
SUPER TIP: Be sure you are responding to the comments.  Engage in the conversation, don’t leave anyone hangin!