7 Tips on How to Utilize a Podcast

  1. Networking. 

    People don’t always like to go to events, this is another way to connect with your community. Hosting and being a guest on a podcast creates an opportunity to build relationships and grow your network which will lead to gaining those referrals.

  2. Spread Your Message. 

    By interviewing local business owners and area figures, you’re able to gain authority and credibility in your community.

  3. Use it to answer commonly asked questions. 

    As a realtor, you are asked several questions. Many of them are the same over and over. Create a Q&A episode(s) to answer questions and bust myths! Share that episode(s) on your website, and anywhere else where people might go to search for answers. 

  4. Incorporate your everyday life into your podcast. 

    Talk about a day in the life of a Realtor. People don’t know how hard your job is. We know they think you see pretty houses and collect a big fat check. Obviously that’s not the case, so by sharing some of what you do on a daily basis, you are educating the public on what you do, consider it a Public Service Announcement!

  5. Content. Next. 

    JK, but really, podcasts give you a ton of content to share, boost your SEO, videotape the podcast, and share, share, share.

  6. Guests! Who’s your team? Inspectors, Lenders, Title Reps, etc. 

    Have them on your show to talk about their expertise. Making you the go to for advice and referrals. THEN, they will share your podcast onto their network channels, now you’re everywhere!

  7. Building your repertoire, become the local Real Estate Expert. 

    This should be your end game to having a Podcast. Mic Drop.

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