Behind the Scenes: Our Interview with Inman News on Commission-Sharing

We're excited to share some fun news! Our Instagram post, "Courtesy to Buyers Brokers Sign Riders," caught the eye of an Inman News staff member and quickly made its way through their Slack channels. This topic has been a hot discussion point in the real estate community, and Inman News has been following it closely.

We were thrilled to be interviewed for their article, "Meet the companies offering commission-sharing workarounds" and proud to say we are featured AND the closers of the article, every REALTORS® favorite word! Check out our excerpt below!

The analog solution

Tech may ultimately be the answer to questions about how agents will get paid — or, communicate about pay — in the future. But in a case study of how other solutions still abound, Tracey Hicks has pivoted in an entirely different direction: analog.

Hicks is the owner of All Things Real Estate, a store that offers supplies to agents. She recently told Inman that soon after the NAR settlement, a member of the real estate community reached out to ask if Hicks had any resources. So she made some.

Screenshot 2024-06-27 145018.png


The result is a sign now available through Hicks’ store that reads “Courtesy to Buyer Brokers!” It can be affixed to an agent’s normal yard sign, and Hicks said the idea is to use language agents are familiar with and to let them know there is a commission on offer.

Whether the sign catches on remains to be seen, and asked about commission solutions, Hicks herself said that “there’s going to be quite a few different ways of handling it.” But she also said that eventually the questions will be answered. People will keep buying and selling houses. The real estate industry will move forward.

“Like most things,” Hicks concluded, “the dust will settle.”

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