Germ Free Tips for Home Showings

It’s challenging to maintain cleanliness when selling a home in normal circumstances, let alone in the age of coronavirus. Now more than ever, you need to be on your game when showing your client’s home. 

Generally, the sellers are doing a lot of the heavy lifting as far as preparing the home. As an agent, you can help disinfect frequent touchpoints during showings. By creating a cleaning procedure prior to home tours, you'll spend less time disinfecting and more time bonding with potential clients.

Here at All Things Real Estate, we're all about staying germ free. That's why we're sharing a few helpful tips to maintain a safe home showing for you and your potential clients.


Germ Free Tips 101

#1 Keep a safe distance 

Maintain 6 feet distance while meeting with clients. Avoid carpooling and arrange to meet your guests at the home location. 

#2 Disinfect the home before and after visitors

Before clients arrive, disinfect the most used surfaces such as hand railings, button appliances, and door handles. 

#3 Open all doors before all showings

You may have a revolving door of potential buyers at the showing. Minimize the number of door touches and sanitize before/after usage when needed.

#4 Keep windows and doors open during tour

Let fresh air flow throughout the home during each showing. When needed, assist guests with opening and closing any handles or knobs.

#5 Wear shoes or shoe covers inside the home

Keep the germs outside and stock up on shoe booties to provide guests during the tour.

#6 Properly stock handwashing stations

Keep handwashing stations and sanitation products accessible and fully stocked throughout the home.

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