Getting Your Real Estate Life Together: Q&A with Hannah Smith

Name, Location and how long have you been an Agent

Hannah Smith, Minneapolis MN, 7 years

How do you stand apart from other agents? 

I stay true to myself, I don't try to pose as someone other than that. I truly love what I do and my clients regularly mention how obvious it is! My social media portrays a lot of the passion I have for real estate and how much I love to make others smile.

What is the key to attaining long-term clients? 

I put my clients and their experience first, ALWAYS. When I sit down with my clients, their goals become my goals. The relationship I have with clients goes well beyond the transaction and I am always trying to find ways to show my appreciation for their trust in me.

What marketing method is most effective for you and why? 

Two words, social media. Unlike any other times before us, we have the ability to express ourselves, reach thousands of people in minutes and create real relationships from anywhere. My presence on social media has driven almost all of my business the past few years with minimal ad spend. Very minimal. People I haven't spoken to in 10-15 years (or even those who I have never met) can still know, like, and trust me JUST because of our connection on social media... crazy right?!

What routine do you implement in your daily real estate life? 

A routine of not being routine. I am one of those strange creatures that actually fails when things get too habitual. I am a single mom, so every morning goes a little differently. However, there are things that I always do. While I make coffee, I think about my gratitude for the day (and yes 50% of the time it is the existence of coffee!), I have settings on my browser to automatically pull up my CRM, email, MLS etc. so that I don't skip a beat no matter how my mornings starts!

What are your DO's & DON'TS when it comes to conversation starters? 

Talk to people like a regular person, not some high-pitched customer service-y salesperson. Be natural with your conversation and LISTEN, don't spend the time thinking about the next thing you're about to say. Provide value and be helpful rather than just asking for business. No one wants to be sold something, people want someone who is willing to listen to them and guide them through an extremely important process.

Which goals are you looking to achieve this year and what will it take to meet them? 

I am a goal oriented person in every part of my life! I am also very analytical. I have some pretty lofty production goals and some personal goals as well but what I always do is break them down bit by bit into small steps and habits to make it. Focusing on the actions I have to take to get to my goal, rather than the goal itself is key.

What's one piece of advice you would give a new agent? 

You are your brand. Figure out who you are, be authentic to that person and THAT is your brand. Stay true to it and everything else falls into place.

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