Getting Your Real Estate Life Together: Q&A with Mikisha Ismail

Name, Location and how long have you been an Agent

Mikisha Ismail, Portland Metro, OR, Just about 6 years.

How would you describe your brand?

I would describe my brand as a well rounded view on what it takes to achieve/meet one's personal lifestyle goals. "To build a life that you desire" with a massive focus on your home and your environment. More than ever, 2020 has taught us how important our environments are and the importance of our spaces serving our needs. My heart is super full because with more awareness and focus on it that means I get to do it more, which is so exciting! I definitely thank 2020 for that!

How do you differentiate yourself?

I differentiate myself by showing my personality and staying true to who I am with my clients throughout the entire process. I wouldn't recommend something that I myself wouldn't find to be the best way of executing the process. Also my clients really tend to appreciate my candidness and honesty which makes what can be a daunting and stressful process super fun! Many of my clients seek me out because of my expertise in the interiors, renovating & flipping and that for me is a dream!

What marketing method is most effective for you and why?

Instagram takes the cake!

What marketing method is least effective for you and why?

Mailers - I believe that most folks are en route to becoming fully digital. Mail is becoming a thing of the past unless of course it's a check lol. A business goal of mine is to get to a point where I contribute to the salvation of trees and our forests.

What are your three favorite ways to start a conversation?

I love starting a conversation with chatting about renovating or interior design. Next step is... what more can be done for their space to meet their needs or start looking for a new space that can meet more of their needs. Also, merch has been one of the BEST ways to start a conversation. Rocking Realtor gear or my Interiors & Real Estate Investing merch also gets a little convo going. 

How are you elevating the look and feel of your business?

I 100% believe that I am elevating my business by truly building a brand around my services and putting a lot of focus into marketing the brand and the process of branding ( lol I hope that makes sense, if not DM me). It's important to give your brand life and push it out for the world to see.

What's one piece of advice you would give a new agent?

Get on Social Media and don't put it on the back burner. It is by far the leading way of marketing and currently has very little cost associated with it in the way old advertising & marketing did. It can really perpetuate obtaining more clients and can showcase your process. That in turn will give them something to look forward to when using you as their representative. Also research and keep learning... and when you learn push that knowledge out. It's important that you stay educated on the ever changing process, laws, rules and your local market.

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