Getting Your Real Estate Life Together: Q&A with PEI Property Brothers

Name, Location and how long have you been an Agent

Tayler Weeks & Landan Weeks from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Tayler has been licensed for 6 years, and Landan is entering his 2nd year.

How do you stand apart from other agents? 

Our outgoing personalities definitely help us stand out, along with our presence on social media platforms. A Property Manager we know recently mentioned how fun our jobs look from viewing our social media page. She said REALTORS can be so boring on social media with the same content, and we agree! Thanks to a strong social media presence we often find ourselves being recognized in our community and across the island, and many times this has lead to us striking up conversations with islanders about real estate and our business.

What is the key to attaining long-term clients? 

Our father is our Broker, as well as the world's best mentor, and we often heard him quote “clients for life”, and it really resonated with us. When my brother and I joined the family businesses he repeatedly told us how important honesty and integrity is in this line of work; if you're not honest, you won't last. By staying honest and building trustworthy, personal relationships, you will gain those "clients for life".

What marketing method is most effective for you and why? 

For us, it's all about utilizing social media. We spend all our marketing dollars on social media, and it's paid off ten times over as an invaluable asset. We run Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads daily, to make sure we are seen on as many phone and computer screens as possible.

What routine do you implement in your daily real estate life? 

For us we try our best to follow Ryan Serhant's 3 F's: Follow-Up, Follow-Through, Follow-Back". Communication with our clients is so important, therefore we make it a point to be consistent in regards to following up with clients, following through on promises made, and following back with our clients, especially after a sale. Daily communication is such an important component of this business. While some days are hectic and you feel like there is never enough time, just do your best to stay on top and follow the famous 3 F's.

What are your DO's & DON'TS when it comes to conversation starters? 

We do our best to show our clients that we are here to provide value. Yes, by the definition we are salespeople, but we never want our clients to view us at that. Our job is to provide as much value as possible to every client we interact with and make them truthfully feel like they're dealing with the best REALTORS in their market. From day one, we are never pushy or aggressive in a way that can deter them from us. I think that's a huge mistake Realtors make, because they are trying way too hard to sell a product, instead of being helpful and providing value. We can't force people to buy a house, it's literally not our money, but what we can do is show them the house, answer all questions, and guide them through the process every step of the way.

Which goals are you looking to achieve this year and what will it take to meet them? 

Our big goal is to simply grow our brand, and make everyone in our area know who we are, what we do, and why they should work with us when it comes to anything real estate related. We want to advance and grow on social media, and in order to do so we need to implement more video, begin our daily or weekly vlog, think outside the box, and do whatever it takes to build our brand awareness.

What's one piece of advice you would give a new agent? 

Be honest, be patient, and be willing to put in the work. There are so many free resources available to us, and you need to be willing to learn as much as you possibly can. I also highly recommend studying and learning every single contract and piece of paperwork you will need to use, because when the time comes and you meet a new client, you can't blow it by not even knowing what's on the contracts when you've had ample time to prepare. Another key piece of advice, is don't be scared of the veteran agents. Yes, they 100% know more than you do, but they were once in your shoes. Too many new agents are scared to deal with the top producers, but more often than not, they'll be very helpful and understanding, and if they're not, it's even more motivation to grow bigger than they are!

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