Getting Your Real Estate Life Together: Q&A with Tessa Parziale

Name, Location and how long have you been an Agent

Massachusetts and New Hampshire 14 years!

How would you describe your brand?

I cover every inch of the Real Estate Universe. I work with all types of buyers, sellers, and investors. No home is too small or too big. I even work with some commercial clients.

How do you differentiate yourself?

I love Real Estate. I love helping first time home buyers to listing homes that a seller has lived in for years! I am committed to providing the best service to my clients. 7 days a week I am available. My phone is always on. I truly want my clients to have a positive experience when working with me.

What marketing method is most effective for you and why?

Social Media! Buyers and sellers of all ages are on social media. The majority of new clients are coming from my presence on Instagram and Facebook. I try to keep it fun and fresh while integrating my personal life into my world of real estate. Referrals from past clients, colleagues, friends, and family are still my number one source of clients.

What marketing method is least effective for you and why?

Print and Newspaper Ads. They can be costly and the exposure is low because people are not subscribing to the papers and often throughout advertisements, they receive in the mail.

What are your three favorite ways to start a conversation?

1. A Smile... I usually can get anyone to talk to me when I smile at them. 2. Give a compliment. 3. Always asking how the person is doing. Whether it is the bank teller, the postmaster, or the stranger walking down the sidewalk.

How are you elevating the look and feel of your business?

I am trying to be more present on Social Media by sharing my real estate style and brand. I am discovering a lot of fabulous people who have vast knowledge and techniques on how to use social media to engage potential clients.

What's one piece of advice you would give a new agent?

The Real Estate life often looks glamorous. Being a real estate broker is a lot of hard work. As with all success, it doesn't happen overnight. Work hard, stayed focused, and don't give up.

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