My amazing day meeting Barbara Corcoran

Omg. Best day ever. So here's the back story. I applied to be on shark tank about 5 or 6 years ago when I first created the Homebuyer Journals. Thank God I didn't get accepted because I would have gotten eaten alive lol I wasn't prepared, I didn't really have a business yet and I was still a Realtor full time.
Fast forward to today. I heard Barbara was coming to Portland and got tickets immediately. And did the VIP tickets to the meet and greet because I was going to pitch All Things Real Estate to her. I was determined.
She's the shark who I would want to invest in my company and she was here in Portland. I was not missing out on this opportunity. So I did what I set out to do, took a risk and actually got to talk to her about ATRE! I told her that I was pitching to her and that I wanted her to invest in my company.
I said everything i wanted to say, I didn't flounder, she engaged, and asked me questions about the company. I got to tell her we sold a million dollars in products last year, which I'm sure that caught her attention, if you're a shark tank fan, you know what I'm sayin! She accepted my tote of ATRE goodies, gave me an email to follow up with her and said she was very interested in talking with me more.
Hopefully that's really the case, what a dream come true that would be!! Thank you Barbara for making my day, my week...shit, my year!
#workhardwordhard #thenplayhard