Our week at the National Association of REALTORS® Expo, Boston 2018


One word, GO!!  If you haven't been to National yet, you have to go. You have an entire year to plan it and it's in San Fransisco 2019. This was our second time doing the Expo and last year was my first time ever attending and I've been a REALTOR® for 13 years. I regret not going and wished someone had told me to go like I'm telling you to!  

Why? Several reasons, the class sessions are second to none, the speakers are amazing, there are REALTORS® there from ALL OVER THE WORLD, referrals, new friends, new info, new technology, and the Expo is huge....oh and WE ARE THERE! 😍

Every single person we talk to about how they like it, how's it going at the sessions, it's the same response, "I'm having a great time!" "The classes are phenomenal!" "I can't wait to get back and put some things into action." and on and on. We never once hear the usual response from any other event, "It was alright" "I didn't really go or stay long".


So back to the Expo and our experience as a vendor. I can't say it enough how much we love our customers. We get people who come find us because we're the only booth they wanted to see, they came to the expo to find us first, we even had a girl admit that she "might" of came to NAR just to see us 😘 Listening to the stories people have about using our products, the business they get from them, the conversations it starts, how often people comment on their social media about their ATRE goodies, and how much it inspires them to get out there and get those clients, makes us so happy. It solidifies that our message of why I created this company is resonating with you. You get it. And that it's not just about selling a product to you. For me, it's so much more and you get that. I want to see you successful, it's the reason I started this company, to change how people feel about REALTORS®, One REALTOR® at a time! We're all in this together.


So, 2019. Well, we have secured an even BIGGER BOOTH for next year, a 20x20!!  <<It's this size, HOLY COW!!!  But that gives us something to forward to, we'll be stepping our game up, bringing more product and having tons of fun with you! I should probably have puppies, they were a huge hit! San Fransisco 2019 Booth #6163 AND next to the NAR space!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, yelled, YOU'RE MY FAVORITE STORE!! across the room, asked to take pictures with us, and just showed us so much love. You all were inspired by the conference, but we were inspired by YOU.


See you in San Fran 2019 #6163!






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  • Audrey James

    when is the San Francisco Expo and the address? Thanks

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