Real world marketing: Q&A with Realtor Lexi Koyle

Name and Location

Lexi Koyle and I'm located in the Mini-Cassia area of Southern Idaho (Minidoka and Cassia counties). I'm a licensed real estate agent and Realtor.

What’s your market like?

HOT! HOT! HOT! Our market is primarily a seller's market that is starting to level off a little, and we have lots of new construction going on right now.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?

I differentiate from the competition because I'm a full-service agent that goes above and beyond for my clients. I put them first and try and make the home buying/selling process easier to understand for the everyday person because there's nothing worse than someone buying a home and not having a clue what happened along the way. I also take full advantage of social media and post and cater a lot to First Time Home Buyers. I love them so much ❤

What marketing method is most effective for you and why?

Social media is the best marketing method I've found so far. My broker, who is also my mother, has been in the business almost 40 years and has seen marketing trends come and go and she lets me handle all of the social media marketing for our entire office because she knows how important it is since everyone is looking online for homes now.

What marketing method is least effective for you and why?

The least effective marketing method for me is print media. Our association still does a bi-monthly magazine which does okay (used to do better in previous years), but as I mentioned previously, everyone is looking for homes online. Hardly anyone looks for homes in the newspaper beside a select few. I can't justify paying for it when it doesn't yield results.

How do you measure your marketing methods?  

I measure my marketing efforts by either asking people who contact me directly how they heard of me and keep track of where they found me but the majority comes from Facebook, and I know that because they message my page directly. While that's how the majority of my leads from strangers comes in, I get many leads from my sphere of influence and word of mouth. Where I live is a relatively small area, and so I know a lot of people or many people know me, especially through my family.

What are your three favorite ways to start a conversation?  

My three favorite ways to start a conversation are: 1. I eavesdrop all the time! Anyone who is in the business knows what I mean by this. If I hear someone near me talking about real estate, I usually wait for the right moment and then step in and say "Well I happened to overhear your conversation and I am a Realtor, maybe I could be of assistance..." 2. I wear my name tag everywhere. Trust me; it starts the conversations for me  3. If I'm ever talking with someone and they mention anything about renting I love to ask if they've looked into buying because it can be cheaper than renting a lot of the time.

How are you elevating the look and feel of your business in 2018?  

I'm elevating the look and feel of my business in 2018 by making quick communication and organization a priority. I just upgraded my laptop, so I'll be more efficient with preparing documents and so on, and I use tons of tools from All Things Real Estate to stay organized. I absolutely LOVE their Real Estate Agent notebooks that keep your buyers and sellers information organized. I have three notebooks right now to keep track of everyone I'm working with, and I know I'll be buying more to stay on top of things. I also have revamped how I market myself, and All Things Real Estate has so much to help me promote my business. From my coffee tumbler that says "Wanna Buy or Sell a House?" to my key tags, client folders, and Real Estate Life tank top, I am definitely NOT a secret agent! I want everyone to know what I do! I'm proud of what I do, and I want to promote myself in a cute, fun and effective way, and I feel like most of the things at All Things Real Estate help me do that.

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