Tips for Realtors Working From Home

Working from home comes with many advantages—and even more distractions. Sure, you can get the laundry done, prepare dinner, maybe sleep in a bit...but what's left to do? Oh, yeah. Some "real" work.

Here at All Things Real Estate, many of our wonderful staff have adjusted to the “Work From Home” life. Today, we will be sharing six tips for staying focused while working from the comfort of your home. 

Work From Home 101

#1 Create A Workspace 

Working from bed is really comfortable, but it's not likely to lead to productive behavior. Set up desk space, a home office, or a part of the kitchen table as a workspace.

#2 Schedule "Do Not Disturb" Time

We all love family and pet time, but it’s important they know your work hours too. Set aside chores and errands for breaks or when you’re off the clock.

#3 Take Breaks

Make sure to schedule breaks every couple of hours. This is a great time to get some exercise and energize before getting back to work.

#4 Create A Daily Task Schedule 

Give yourself set hours to do specific tasks. If you normally follow up with clients in the morning, maintain a schedule as if you were working from the office.

#5 Stay Focused 

It’s easy to get side tracked with unimportant text messages or emails. Give yourself 1 hour of undivided attention towards work before responding.

#6 Socialize Virtually

Even with social distancing, try to make time to expand your social circle with video conferencing with potential clients or attending a webinar.


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