From our family to yours.

Hi friends! We hope your year is ending on an amazing note. And speaking of notes, we of course encourage you to send your clients a little note before the end of the year, but since it’s a week of thanks, we wanted to take a minute to thank YOU.  We say it all the time, so we’ll say it again, we appreciate each and every one of you. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. 

But today we wanna share a little extra love and list out “our why” we are thankful for you. (side note: this is a cute thing to do with your clients, friends and family too, in maybe little small notes)

#1 - You buy our products and that keeps us in business. The obvious right? But it’s more than that. You are keeping 7 staff employed (all under the age of 27). They are learning amazing entrepreneurial  and life skills from both working at ATRE and from talking to you all. They are learning about Real Estate in a way that no other can since you are all over the world. Yup, world. We have sold to Realtors in : Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan, Slovakia, Ireland, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Romania, Oman, Spain, Portugal, India, Bermuda, Norway, and Greenland. WOW! So cool.

#2 - Our relationship with you. We love that we are a PART of the community. We’re not just selling products to Realtors. We care about you and your business and want to sell you products that are going to benefit your business. It’s the whole reason I started this company. To give you beautiful, practical, cute products that will make you look good.

#3 - Reciprocate. You all chat with us, give us product ideas, tips, your thoughts, etc.  You give back to us. You want to see us as a business be successful in the same way we want you to be successful. And happy.

#4 - When we make mistakes, you for the most part, understand and let us learn from that. As a growing business, there are growing pains, and just pains in general from being brand new!  And you give us the benefit of the doubt and come back to give us another shot when we mess up.

#5 - In an effort to not lose your attention, we’ll keep it to 5. We appreciate that you appreciate us!  You take the time to tell us how much you love us and that never gets old, so don’t stop telling us ;)


Happy Holidays from Tracey and the ATRE Team

s from Tracey and the ATRE Team

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