What Real Estate Agents Can Learn from Wine Tasting

Have you ever gone wine tasting with your pals and captured your experience in a tasting journal? You know, the little notebooks where you record the important details about the wines you tasted—what you liked, where you found it, how much it cost, etc.?

Every time I go wine tasting, I’m so grateful to have a tasting journal because 1) wine, 2) more wine, and 3) all the wines.

Having notes about my experience is infinitely helpful. And it makes buying that specific wine from that certain someone so much easier. Plus, my boyfriend, the store clerk, and everyone else who might typically be involved in my buying process sans tasting notes are happier.

3 things agents can learn from wine tasting

Looking for a home is a lot like wine tasting: the details blur after a few. And when the decision process gets corked—so does the buying process.

Details are important

Buyers fall in love with the little things. Whether it’s a knockout front door, sky-high ceilings, or good bones with loads of potential, you never know what will capture a buyer’s heart.

“House drunk” is real

No matter how much a buyer loves it, remembering the location of the knockout front door or sky-high ceilings becomes difficult after visiting a few homes.

Organization make everything better

Jotting down the details makes the home buying experience memorable. And that’s good for the buyer, seller, and YOU!

How to Avoid Pour Decisions

Create a memorable experience for every buyer with our homebuyer journals and guides. It's less work for you and more fun for them! 

  • They can make a list of all the homes they want to see
  • Fill in details about the houses they do see
  • Keep details about their mortgage options, conversations about their loan, closing cost notes, to-do list, etc.
  • Make sense of real estate jargon by providing them with a glossary of terms
  • Write down referrals for contractors, inspectors, and anyone house-related they may need
  • Remember all the details about their new home (inspection notes, paint colors, etc.) because they won’t see it again until after closing

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