What's in store for the New Year!

Hi Friends!

We made it! After a year like 2020, the real estate market is still booming and your hard work shows for it. Thank you to all of our amazing customers who kept All Things Real Estate alive and well. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Along the way, we’ve been able to connect with customers who have now become our Realtor® friends. From Blog Q&A’s to podcast guests, they have shared some helpful insights about how they are elevating their real estate business. Every Realtor® has a story to tell and we’re glad to have the platform to share it. 

To close out the year, we decided to highlight some of them to share their 2020 from favorite binge-worthy shows to goals for 2021, you’ll enjoy hearing everyone’s unique perspectives while on their real estate journey. 

Q: What TV show, podcast, or book have you binged during 2020?

I'm a big fan of Tom Ferry Podcasts on Spotify. He is very down to earth and honest when motivating Realtors® to take their business seriously. - Chance Jackson, Portland, OR

Selling the Sunset, Getting your Real Estate Life Together, The e-Myth Real Estate Agent - Elisa Dieme-Erlich, Plantation, Florida

I am a HUGE podcast listener with a love of true crime. The podcasts I have been binging this year are My Favorite Murder, Jensen and Holes “The Murder Squad” and Crime Junkie. The TV shows I have been binging are always The Office, How To Get Away With Murder, and The Queen’s Gambit! - Nikki Dunkle, Portland, OR

The Queen's Gambit!!! Straight fire in every way!!! Easily one of the best shows of the year. Highly recommended. - Daniel Gluckin, Raleigh/Durham, NC

The 100, The Crown, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and NCIS. #DontJudgeMe - Sue Pinky Benson, Naples, FL

TV Show- Life/ Podcast- Getting Your Real Estate Life Together (ATRE)/ Book- Robert Kiyosaki- The Real Book of Real Estate - Lettely Foster, Miami, FL


Q: What are your goals for 2021?

My most 2021 goal is to grow my business by 40%, Redevelop my "post-covid" social life, and get married ( She said yes! ) - It's going to be a big year. - Chance Jackson

Help as many families as possible with their real estate needs, with over 5M goal in sales (over 10M as a unit with my partner), implement CRM and some automations in my processes to work smarter and not harder, assist and encourage fellow agents as much as possible, organize more community initiatives, continue to grow and further my knowledge through education, more public engagement to defeat my fear of speaking, practice self-care and fitness on a consistent basis, remember that family and children come first and lastly always keep it fun no matter how challenging the industry can be! - Elisa Dieme- Erlich 

I have lots of goals for 2021. I plan on getting my Washington Real Estate License, move into my new home, help 3-4 clients a month, and network with amazing people in all industries. - Nikki Dunkle

Growth in every major way! I want my whole team to grow in levels we haven't reached before. I want us to do things that make us uncomfortable and have us terrified...That's where all the best stuff comes from! - Daniel Gluckin

To get comfortable with doing more marketing that's outside of my current marketing plan. While I may be good at online, I need to focus on my offline marketing, and it's really uncomfortable to me. I may be able to do LIVE videos, but a postcard freaks me out, lol! - Sue Pinky Benson 

Bigger, Better, Stronger, Together! - Lettely Foster

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Cheers to 2021!

Best wishes,

The ATRE Team  

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