Why use a Testimonial Prop?

Celebration photos in your real estate life are one of the fun parts of Closing Day! 

Of course for your clients but also for you. When you make closing photos a part of your marketing, you are also telling the story. That's what people in your sphere want to see and read about, the journey of buying or selling a house. It's how you stand out.

Testimonial Props are going to take that story to the next level, not just any prop though. Our well-designed, quality props are what your clients expect from their awesome real estate agent and are exactly what you need. Here's some additional info about them to help you make the right choice for which one you want to purchase.

Questions to ask yourself to help choose the one for you:

  1. Do I want it for both Buyer and Seller Closings? If you get one that says "SOLD" for instance, that will work for both, oh and also for you to hold up too. But Home Sweet Home will only work for your buyers. Closing Day, that will work for all 3, buyers, sellers, and you.
  2. How am I going to use it. Only for closings? Will I display it in my office when I'm not using it? As a backdrop for my videos and selfies? Maybe a Custom Prop is a better choice.
  3. Do a lot of my clients have kids or dogs? There's a prop for them too!
  4. Maybe you want everyone to have a prop to hold? Build up your collection, then you can choose which style fits each client.
Our props are printed on 2 types of material, PVC and a Recycled Poly substrate:
testimonial prop material pvc vs poly
The PVC props are a thicker and heavier material than the Poly material. When a client holds a PVC prop in their hands, it feels substantial, like you cared about the quality of your products you purchase for your business.
    The Poly props are a much lighter and thinner material from the PVC and, although both are very durable, the poly prints almost matte like and is very hard to scratch up.

    Tips on How, When & Why to use your Props.

    Be sure to take several photos, with different poses/locations...make it a photoshoot!

    1. At your closings of course!  But then what to do with the photos. They're not just for instagram & your socials. Be sure to send them to your clients for them to have forever, when they post them, it will come up in their memories year after year.
    2. Take that image, print it off and give it to them as a framed gift either right after closing, or maybe their 1 year Houseiversary?
    3. Use those images for your marketing materials, brochures, banners, in your blogs, on your website, etc.
    4. Use the pics for your testimonial images.
    5. Take a pic of yourself holding the prop in front of your new listing for marketing photos.

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