EPISODE ELEVEN : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Antoine J. Dean

In this episode, we are looking at how this Portland real estate entrepreneur built his empire from scratch. Antoine J. Dean is a real estate agent, investor, and creator of "The Making of a Mogul" vlog series.

His vlog series takes an in-depth look at how a troubled kid (Antoine) goes from hustler to real estate entrepreneur, and at the same time, goes against the conventional wisdom to show how he built his successful business. 


1:39 How Antoine got into real estate 

9:40 The story of his first purchase and how he was able to turn a potentially bad situation into his benefit

17:07 Building tiny houses on properties

18:17  How Antoine began his vlog  and how his upbringing affected his inspiration to start it 

21:26 How he uses video  and his experience as a black real estate agent in the “whitest city in america” as a part of his strategy

23:45 Finding what works best for you and your market and your market strategy

26:26 Balancing looking for properties that your investors are also looking for despite competition

28:08 Knowing when to flip and when to wait

32:15 What does 5 years in look like for a development property realtor and when to know if the property is right

36:08 working with lenders

41:16  How Antoine creates his vlog 

45:04 On how to find the balance between using commissions and loans for your portfolio 

47:49 How keeping a low overhead and being frugal are helping him in his 2021 vision 

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