EPISODE FOUR : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Renee Spears

Collabs and How to do em well. Renee and Tracey collaborated on this week's podcast and published it to both our shows! How's that for a collab. Our listeners get to know Renee and her business, Abundology and her listeners get to know Tracey and All Things Real Estate, a WIN WIN.


That's what a collaboration is really about, a win win.  It needs to work for both parties and be beneficial, that's the whole point of a collab right?  Listen in while we chat about the pros, the planning, the thought that goes into choosing the best collab for you and your business.

Renee is an Abundance Coach and Business Mentor in Portland, Oregon that raises vibrations! Her positive energy combined with years of business experience and life wisdom raises vibrations for you and your business. With a higher vibration, you attract more money, love, joy, time and abundance in your life!

You can find Renee at:




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