EPISODE FOURTEEN : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Lana Rodriguez

Meet Lana, Colorado-based Realtor® with The Lana Rodriguez Group. Her team is known for their incredible personal touches, including their client appreciation parties. When getting into real estate, she was expecting her first child after moving to the U.S. from her home country of Lithuania.

Since then. Lana has made a name from her natural personality and warmth. This has caught the attention not only from fellow real estate agents, like Tracey,  who admire her marketing skill but also her thousands of Tik Tok followers. This episode is filled with Lana’s vivid stories that share her personal experiences as a successful agent. 


1:30 Making the move to Keller Williams and what led to that decision


8:35 Her origin story of leaving Latvia, meeting her husband, and getting into real estate

14:02 Client appreciate parties events as a building of culture and relationship in a company that builds referrals

16:09  Lana tells the story of how she has used Facebook as a CRM

19:36 Creating a persona on social media that matches your company vibe and attracts clients

20:36 How a group sharing pies brought kindness and new referrals and how you can something similar

24:40 Importance of focusing on holiday perks in a year without normalcy, even pizzas!

26:14 How they shifted their approach to appreciation events in next year after Covid

29:23 Experience speaking on Tiktok at the national confection 

35:00 How real estate industry unity serves everyone better

37:34 Introducing her team and how she brought on her first employee 

40:20 What her team looks like now and the future goal

41:05 Her advice for running a team and empowering them for growth

42:17 Some of the roles on her team including in house photo/video and how that role was inspired

45:35 The importance of treating reality as a business

48:23 Where to find her

49:49 Advice on coming from a place of always being willing to learn as a way to be successful and grow. 

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