EPISODE TWENTY-TWO : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Karl Sona & Kevin Mills

If you’re in real estate, you NEED to have a podcast. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Karl Sona and Kevin Mills, Co-Founders of Streamlined Podcasts! Both gentlemen have a background in sales, entrepreneurship, and podcasting. In this episode, we’ll dig deep into their stories, expertise, and even talk about their partnership and what they are offering for busy people who are wanting to branch out and start their own podcasts. 

Let’s jump right in and learn how these two are helping people scale their real estate businesses by eliminating the fear and hassle surrounding podcasting.

[00:01 - 14:40] Opening Segment

  • Today’s guest, Karl Sona, and Kevin Mills
    • From Streamlined Podcasts
    • Podboxx
  • Karl shares his background
    • Starting up in sales 
    • Using free time to consume education through podcasts
    • Helping to sell the company for 9-figures
    • Hustling towards the C-Suite
    • Dear Black CEO Podcast 
    • Background in investing in Real Estate
    • The power of podcasting
  • Kevin shares his career background
    • Growing in an entrepreneurial family and mindset
    • Touring and speaking in schools
    • From manual labor to door to door sales
    • Moving to AZ to become loan officers 

[14:41 - 27:26] The Power of Podcasting 

  •  Kevin talks real estate and podcasting
    • A networking game 
    • Getting drawn to podcasting 
    • The struggle of managing a podcast and work
    • The inception of Streamlined Podcast
  • Karl talks about hitting his target audience with podcasting
    • Getting people on to inspire and equip with tactics
    • Getting transparent about the rough process to find success 
  • Karl and Kevin’s partnership
    • Shared podcast and co-hosts 
    • Co-founding Streamlined Podcasts

 [27:27 - 45:48] Eliminating the Fear of Podcasting for the Busy Realtor

  • Karl talks about how Streamlined started
    • Struggling with all the work it takes to make a podcast
    • Deciding to help other people produce their podcasts
    • Streamline the process and offer a low cost
  • Kevin talks through the process 
    • Letting people make content then pass it off with no worries
    • Actual human beings working on your content
    • Audio, Show Notes, Social Media Graphics, and Publishing
  • I share how their support has helped me 
  • Starting a podcast and keeping it alive
    • People want to create content not become producers
  • Podcasting and realtors 
    • Talking to your team 
    • A people-based business
    • The intimacy that creates the ‘know, like, and trust’
    • Examples of content 
  • Kevin shares about the lending side of realty 
    • The untapped potential for loan officers 
    • Focusing on serving the real estate market 
  • Advice on keeping content ongoing
    • Mashups 
    • Getting into videos
    • Audiograms 

[45:49  - 51:56] Everything You Need in One Box

  • Karl and Kevin talk about Podbox and the value behind it 
    • People want to get in but don’t know where to start
    • What’s offered in the Podbox 
    • First 30 days of post-production free 
    • Lowering the barrier to entry
  • How this has benefitted me 
    • Part of our team

[47:59 - 1:05:10] Closing Segment 

  • Supporting people who are venturing into podcasting
    • The first 100 people will be part of the Founders Circle
    • Caring about your customers
  • What people need to have to start up your podcast
    • Be ready to win deals 
    • All the education needed is already done for you
    • Get ready with positive content
  • Realtors want to hear from other realtors 
    • What if you could talk to just 25 people a day
    • Building rapport
    • My personal experience
  • Where you can connect with Karl and Kevin
    • Links below 
  • Last question about sharing platforms
    • Various platforms you can use 
    • The most important places to link to
    • The importance of putting it on your website
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

"That’s the power behind having a podcast. People can hear your voice to the point where they feel like they got an intimate relationship with you… at some point they’re gonna be like, ‘I want to do business with you.’” - Karl Sona

“Hey, if you want something you can go get it, you just gotta go create the opportunity.” - Kevin Mills

“As a realtor, if you had the opportunity to, every day, to talk to 25 people that could use your service… How quickly could you blow up your business? Podcasting gives you the ability to do that.” - Kevin Mills

 Resources Mentioned: 

Feel free to reach out and engage with Karl and Kevin. Be sure to go to www.streamlinedpodcasts.com to learn more about eliminating your fears of starting a podcast.

You can connect with me, Tracey Hicks, on LinkedIn and Facebook. Check out my website, https://allthingsrealestatestore.com, so you can stay up to date on our latest promos and sales as well as find any product you need to get your real estate life together! Feel free to email me at hello@allthingsrealestate.com, I’d love to hear from you.

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