EPISODE SEVENTEEN : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Patrik Antich and Thomas Shapiro

Meet Patrik and Thomas, the Oregon/Washington based duo with Piece of PDX Realty. For this week's podcast episode, Patrik and Thomas tell us about which systems they utilize, staying positive for clients during the pandemic, fostering relationships with other real estate agents, and why their partnership works so well.

1:01  How they structure their business and break up tasks and why they did it this way  

2:00 How Thomas first began putting himself out there in Portland, and as things grew, it became necessary to bring on an assistant.  

4:00(?) About putting yourself out there. Patrik’s story of his early hustle in Portland

5:25 Patrik’s story how he go into real estate, working from the paper work angle 

6:20 Benefits and draw back to being born and raised somewhere or moving there fresh as a real estate agent

06:39 How they approached marketing at the beginning

7:00 How Thomas marketed himself outside Facebook as a bartender and then as a Realtor assistant

11:18 The positives of building confidence as a Realtor with he support of someone else

12:30 How Thomas got into the business

13:51 How they’re business is structured and working with a CPA 

16:20 The tools they use for marketing and how their tools highlight why they are great partners

19:20 The CRM they use, how they chose it, and how it’s automations help them with follow ups

22:20 Who Thomas goes to for support in the the real estate community 

23:59 Why it’s important to have good relationships with colleagues in the real estate market.

25:42 How clients are currently handling the crazy market in Portland and how the company is prepping them

27:43 Using media platforms like Podcasts or YouTube to inform and connect to  their audience

31:20 Client events and how they began doing them during Covid to still give them a positive experience

35:26 Where to find the company online

36:40 How fostering authenticity in their brand marketing helped them grow in all of their work relationships

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