EPISODE TEN : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Molly Wolchansky

In this episode, we get to know the world of subscription real estate content marketing. Molly is a Dallas based marketing expert behind The Agent Nest, a print marketing agency where all real estate agents can afford to participate.


Molly, an author with several books under her belt, had her first successful business sell “long-distance relationship” items on Etsy before taking over her Real Estate Agent Mother’s Social Media. The knack came easily and she’s been helping others with better design and strategy ever since. 

The Agent Nest - print content marking agency for real estate. 6 years. A company where all real estate agents and can afford it. 

3:08 Growing up with parents who are real estate agents

5:09  How Molly went from running an Etsy shop to starting a Real Estate marketing business

9:30 Why Molly loves the real estate industry

10:45 What Agents get out of subscription to The Agents Nest

11:14 Why Print marketing is not the best investment right now

17:30 Hiring new employees on a growing team

20:15 Hiring horror stories and how to fix them 

23:08 How subscription services work

25:54 Choosing content that gets people knowing you 

30:30 Why Authentic in content is so important

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