EPISODE THIRTY-FOUR: Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Lauren Goché

Lauren isn’t simply in the business of showing and selling houses. To her, dealing with real estate is holding a piece of people’s lives, histories, stories, and ancestry. She doesn't want to just show you houses, she wants to make finding your dream home an unforgettable experience. Lauren doesn’t want to merely sell your house, she wants to make the transition to the next stage a pleasant one.

In love with Portland's weird and unique landscape, Lauren is dazzled by Portland's community, history, diversity, and essence that anything is possible. This in part has fueled her desire to help people find their joy through where they choose to live. Lauren lives and dies by being inspired, problem-solving, working hard, playing hard, following through, and listening. Your adventures, whether it's raising a family or buying your first home solo; She wants to be part of that.

In this episode, Lauren Goché talks about building her brand through authenticity on social media, how she prioritizes relationships and compatibility when working with clients, work-life balance, boundaries and so much more. Join us and listen in!


[00:01 - 16:15] Opening Segment

  • Welcoming Lauren to the show
  • How Lauren got into real estate 
    • Coming from a family of fishermen 
    • Finding a mentor who was committed to her success  
    • How Lauren built out her business through authenticity on social media 
    • Choosing the people you want to work with 

[16:16 - 37:58] The Unforgetability Factor 

  • The art of the Follow Up 
    • You’re losing out if you neglect referrals 
  • Balancing work and life 
    • Scheduling time off and sticking strictly to it 
    • Being authentic over social media but having healthy boundaries  

[36:59 - 59:04] Growth is a Lifelong Journey 

  • What does the future look like for Lauren’s business? 
    • Mentoring someone 
    • Working less and spreading out her workload
  • Boundaries Lauren has set 
    • Has her voicemail set the expectation of boundaries 
    • Her phone goes automatically on do-not-disturb
    • Not sleeping with her phone in her room 
    • Prioritizing her sleep quality 
    • Makes sure to hold important and intense conversations over email

[59:05 - 1:06:49] Closing Segment 

  • Seeking out healthy relationships 
  • How you can connect with Lauren 
  • Closing words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Share something after it's at least scabbed over or a scar, not the open wound.” -  Lauren Goche

“Hiring someone hoping that they never graduate to the next level is just being a shitty boss. It's kind of classist, super selfish, and not an abundant mindset.” - Lauren Goche

“I think that's also where entrepreneurs struggle in general. They're like, ‘I feel like I have to work all the time. Because if I'm not, then either my business is going to fail, or it's not going to look like I work enough.’ And I think that's a cultural thing that we've done to ourselves as entrepreneurs, and I think that should definitely change.” - Tracey Hicks 

Connect with Lauren 

Check out Lauren’s website and follow her on Instagram @laurengoche

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  • Rachel Madison-Love

    The struggle is real! I loved this episode. Thank you Lauren for sharing. Thank you Tracey for presenting a really cool episode. I feel so much better about how I have been doing real estate, which I really love, but it has been a journey. I am a fan.

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