EPISODE THIRTY-NINE : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Jennifer Tucker

Jennifer Seeno Tucker is an Associate Broker at EXP Realty located in Nassau County, New York. She is the co-creator of The 7 Saturday’s Training Program for local real estate agents. She has helped dozens of real estate agents transition from paycheck employee to a flourishing career as a sole proprietor in real estate. Jennifer has also guided many real estate agents throughout their careers and helped them stay focused in meeting their goals as business owners.

Jennifer is an International Best Selling Author of Become A Rock Star Real Estate Agent: 7 Steps to Make $100k A Year & Awake From the Darkness: The Homeowners Guide to Avoid Foreclosure. As a former educator with an advanced degree in curriculum design and instruction, Jennifer is committed to utilizing her background to provide realtors with the necessary tools for support as they transition to a full time real estate agent. 

In this episode, Jennifer and I talk about the importance of providing training to new agents and finding ways to reinforce high performing agents. We talked about the importance of identifying your client avatar, figuring out where they are hanging out, and marketing strategically. Jennifer also shares with us her experience in writing her own book and how reverse engineering has not only helped her, but also the agents that she has trained. Listen in! 


[00:01 - 7:39 ] Welcoming Jennifer to the show 

  • Jennifer talks about her background
  • Making tough decisions for her business 
  • Focusing on the top tier agents as a broker 

[07:40 -22:05 ] Providing Trainings for New Agents 

  • Creating a curriculum for the new agents
    • Reverse engineering in order to hit goals 
    • Importance of thinking like a business owner or an investor
    • Incorporate yourself to get out of the “paycheck mode” 
  • Learning to brand and market your business
    • Being a CEO in your own business 
  • Knowing where to market and getting the timing right
  • Having a client avatar and not being a realtor for everybody 
  • Importance of long term thinking 

[22:06 -31:21 ] Jennifer’s Book Journey

  • Becoming a rockstar agent
  • Reverse engineering the book 
  • Getting out there and start producing 
  • Creating YouTube videos to reach more people

[31:22  -33:06 ] Closing Segment 

  • Connect with Jennifer and download her book through the links below 
  • Final words 

Key Quotes:

“As the CEO of your company, right, your brand is your way for you to start marketing yourself really. And that shifts, like you talked about in the mindset to change from, you know, independent contractor to now a business owner, is really what we're talking about in order for you to create this brand and this vision of what you have for your company.” - Jennifer Tucker

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