EPISODE THIRTY-ONE: Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Chelsea Peitz

“Whatever you put your heart and soul into and focus on, it will give you an ROI.” - Chelsea Peitz

Social media content creation is currently one of the best ways for your real estate business to achieve more. This is what Chelsea Peitz will talk about in this episode.

Chelsea has spent 22 years in the real estate industry, with the last 6 focusing solely on helping real estate agents, brokerages, mortgage pros & title sales execs learn how to use The Socials to create a powerful personal brand (and get more biz!). She has presented at numerous nationally recognized real estate events including Inman Connect & Gary Vee's Agent 2021. Chelsea is also a rescue-chihuahua owner, mom, lover of red wine, mental health advocate, and secret reality TV show junkie.



In this episode, Chelsea talks about social media content creation, its impact, and how you can leverage it to generate results and connect with more people. She shares Instagram strategies that she uses to provide value to her audience and increase her brand awareness. 

Join us and learn how you can create more content on social media to increase your online presence and generate more results for your real estate business!

[00:01 - 07:51] Opening Segment

  • Welcoming Chelsea to the show
  • Chelsea shares her background
    • Being a licensed agent
    • Social media and algorithms
  • Chelsea talks about her book
    • The writing process
    • Getting organized

[07:52 - 34:25] Getting More Results through Content Creation

  • Chelsea on content creation in real estate
    • Content stress is real
    • Create vs. curate
    • She talks about her Instagram feed
    • Using IG stories and reels
    • Her thoughts on TikTok
  • Taking a break from social media platforms
    • On mental health
    • Taking care of yourself
  • How can you provide value?
    • Identifying platforms you’re comfortable with
  • How to balance personal and business content
    • Humanizing content
    • How to make boring content more engaging
  • On DMs
    • Why DMs are critical
    • Natural conversations are key
    • It’s a numbers game

[34:26 - 51:13] Managing Different Social Media Platforms 

  • How Chelsea handles several social media platforms
    • Where she spends the most time on
    • Optimization
    • Why YouTube is a great platform to use
    • The impact of social media content creation on real estate
  • Chelsea’s thoughts on content planning
    • Why she can’t plan her content
    • How you can be successful without a content calendar
    • Using post-its

[51:14 - 53:08] Closing Segment 

  • How you can connect with Chelsea
  • Closing words

Tweetable Quotes:

“You do not always have to create the content you can curate, so not create, but curate.” - Chelsea Peitz

“You can make boring content more engaging by asking people something about it.” - Chelsea Peitz

“You have to think of these platforms as being in person with someone and how would you handle it in person and bring that over to the platform.” - Chelsea Peitz

You can connect with Chelsea on Instagram at @chelsea.peitz! You can find her book and podcast on her IG bio!

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