EPISODE THREE : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Patti Spreen

Patti is a Realtor® at Oregon First in Portland, Oregon.


Here's a little about Patti:

Always persevering. Real estate is a story that began in my life at a very young age. Transition is my repertoire. I’ve daydreamed about the many facets of real estate for decades. The architecture, neighborhoods, and the sense of community all carry such priceless value. My ability to embrace empathy, understand lifestyle nuances, as well as encourage and fiercely advocate for dreams and personal goals, has evolved from my lifetime of experience.

Real estate creates so many facets of growth and opportunity. Relentless passion for the client is what sets me apart; as is my fearless mindset, honesty, helpful nature, and above all, my integrity. Unlocking real estate dreams with heart.

In gratitude, Patti Spreen

PS. Welcome Home

You can find Patti at: 

IG: @PattiSpreen | www.pattispreen.com

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