EPISODE TWENTY-FIVE : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with LeAnn Henri

Getting 5,000 followers overnight, LeAnn learned that there was a secret to gaining an online presence and it takes actions that many people don’t do. LeAnn is a Realtor in the Detroit area, specializing in wealth building for first-time home buyers and the millennial generation. As someone who continues to evolve in education, craft, and soul, she's taking over the real estate industry with style.

In today's episode, we talk more about her story, her social justice efforts, and how to build your audience organically and maintain growth.

[00:01 - 08:26] Opening Segment

  • Introduce today’s guest, LeAnn Henri
    • Instagram friend, connecting virtually 
  • LeAnn tells us a bit about herself
    • The beauty of Detroit 
    • Realtor for 4 years
    • How and why real estate 
    • Schooling and licensing 
    • Transitioning into full time
    • Hitting my stride!

[08:27 - 23:59] You Gotta Just Start

  •  LeAnn talks ‘social media’ strategy 
    • Not a part of the plan at first 
    • The desire to have a YouTube channel
      • Starting with a makeup tutorial
    • Just start
    • The journey around editing and uploading
    • The effects of the pandemic and sharing your voice
  • Staying consistent with content
    • The need to outsource 
    • Making a rough outline of each episode 
    • Finding a rhythm with Instagram 
      • Reminders 
  • LeAnn's unique responses to her posts
    • Thank you for being vulnerable
    • Don’t only post the good stuff

[24:00 - 41:54] Growing Your Social Media - 5,000 Followers Overnight

  • LeAnn talks about ways to grow on social media
    • Turning your page into a ‘business’ or ‘creator’ page
    • Click on your insights - get to know your followers 
    • Posting organically vs. with tools
    • Hashtags are your best friends 
  •  LeAnn talks about her posting model
    • Mini-blog style 
    • Play around with what works
  • How LeAnn utilizes TikTok
    • Brand naming on all platforms 
    • Hopping on a trend
    • Getting 450 followers in an hour - 5,000 overnight
  • LeAnn’s advice on building your presence 
    • You never know when your moment is, so ride the wave
    • Don’t be scared to just do it
    • It’s okay to pivot

[41:55 - 50:33] Real Estate and Social Justice 

  • LeAnn talks about fair housing month
    • Fair Housing Act of 1958
      • Prohibiting discrimination in homeownership
  • LeAnn’s efforts in promoting justice within housing 
    • Voice to the voiceless 
    • Teach one to reach one - educating people on buying a house 
    • You have the right to choose who you do business with 

[50:34 - 57:32] Closing Segment 

  • There is no balance 
    • Give yourself grace 
    • Understanding and empathy 
    • Learn something from everyone 
  • Be honest with how your feeling
    • Communicate yourself to others 
    • Actions following conversations 
  • LeAnn’s grand idea for listeners 
    • Giveaway for the first one to comment 
  • For those that are thinking about podcasts
    • Reach out to me
      • Links below
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

"A majority of Realtors who get licensed - they’re out of the business within the first year… So I was just determined to not be that statistic.” - LeAnn Henri

“People only post the good stuff… it’s a mistake!” - LeAnn Henri

“You just play around with what works and when you see when your audience is responding really well to certain things, you run with it.” - LeAnn Henri

“Once you take a moment to really speak to someone’s humanity, to speak to their fear, to speak to their emotions, you find out that, number one, you probably have a lot more in common with your neighbor than you think.” - LeAnn Henri

You can connect with LeAnn on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Go check out https://www.leannhenri.com/and learn more about the relationship between lifestyle and real estate.  

You can connect with me, Tracey Hicks, on LinkedIn and Facebook. Check out my website, https://allthingsrealestatestore.com, so you can stay up to date on our latest promos and sales as well as find any product you need to get your real estate life together! Feel free to email me at hello@allthingsrealestate.com, I’d love to hear from you.

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