EPISODE TWENTY-THREE : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Chandra Ashford

As a master at generating organic relationships, Chandra Ashford is a passionate gal who loves all things real estate! Chandra is a Portland Realtor who, whether it’s helping people buy or sell houses, loves homes and getting people into them. Uniquely, her skills in finding shooting locations for films fueled her expertise as a buyer’s agent and be on the lookout for the perfect home. Her approach is that she walks with clients hand in hand to make sure they are getting the best deals and the right house.
We can’t wait for you to hear our conversation with Chandra as we talk her story and the importance of community and being your authentic self. 

[00:01 - 04:35] Opening Segment

  • I introduce today’s guest, Chandra Ashford
    • Portland Realtor
    • PDX House Geeks
  • Chandra's background 
    • Getting into real estate 
    • Setting out on her own 
    • Location scouting 
    • Moving from California to Portland 
    • Experience in and after bookkeeping

[04:36 - 12:56] From Assistant to Business Owner

  •  Chandra talks about the process going into her own business 
    • Positive experience in cold calling 
    • Getting the first client 
  • What Chandra uses to keep track of clients
    • Organically at first
    • Now on a Newsletter schedule 
    • Utilizing google spreadsheet as a list keeper 
  • Bringing on a partner 
    • Getting an assistant 
    • Assistant becomes the partner 
    • The beauty of collaboration 
  • Showing and educating clients rather than selling

[12:57 - 29:14] The Inclusive Community between Home Ownership and Realty

  • What a Hud 184 Loan is
    • Hud loan for Native Americans 
    • Structured like a VA loan 
  • Getting lenders to adept
    • Connecting with the right lenders
    • The appraisal process
  • Chandra talks about building up her realty community 
    • Venting frustrations and celebrating with each other
    • Meeting people that vibe 
  • The importance authenticity
    • Story about not being authentic 
    • Deciding to be you 
  • Rocking the social media game as a realtor
    • Chandra’s approach on Instagram 
    • The power of people knowing you 
    • Vetting goes both ways
    • Personal vs. professional vs. political 
    • Balancing your accounts

[29:15  - 35:36] Having a Real Estate Exit Plan

  • Chandra talks about being on Tiny House Hunter 
    • The background story
    • Getting made fun of on the Ellen Show
  • Chandra talks about her realty exit plan 
    • Following other passions 

[35:37 - 46:43] Closing Segment 

  • Chandra talks about her activities on Facebook 
    • Using it more personally than professionally
    • The limitations
  • Chandra’s relationship with video 
    • Trying to get on board with it 
    • Talking about ideas behind making content
  • Where you can engage with Chandra
    • Links below 
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

"There’s these products that are developed for people that need help getting housing, and the fact that there are aspects about them that makes people not want to accept them during the real estate transaction really bums me out.” - Chandra Ashford

“Without that ability to vent or frustrations or celebrate the positives… I just don’t know how I would do this job… Having that realty community has been super key.” - Chandra Ashford

“I wasn’t really getting the clients or relationships that I wanted and I realized it’s because I wasn’t really being me. So I decided to put myself out there how I really am… it has been so much better for me.” - Chandra Ashford


Resources Mentioned: 


You can connect with Chandra on Instagram and LinkedIn or email chandraashfordrealtor@gmail.com. Get on over to http://www.pdxhousegeeks.com/ and learn more about how Chandra approaches authenticity in real estate.

You can connect with me, Tracey Hicks, on LinkedIn and Facebook. Check out my website, https://allthingsrealestatestore.com, so you can stay up to date on our latest promos and sales as well as find any product you need to get your real estate life together! Feel free to email me at hello@allthingsrealestate.com, I’d love to hear from you.

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