Real Estate Bytes - Defining Your Ideal Client

What is your client’s name? Where do they live, where do they work, what are their interests? These are things we should know as agents. Rather than focus on being the ideal agent and having all the clients, today we drill down and figure out who YOUR ideal clients are, and how we can do that so that we can collectively improve your marketing strategies and outreach.


So let’s dive in and start defining your ideal client!

[00:01 - 00:44] Opening Segment

  • Welcome back to Real Estate Bytes
    • Defining your ideal client
  • Our people, tribe, and niche
    • Narrowing it down
    • Helpful for your decision making

 [00:45 - 05:33] Defining Your Ideal Client

  •  Knowing the demographics of your client 
    • Who are they, what do they do, what do they need?
    • Just being mindful of the commonalities
  • The interests and hobbies
    • Aligning with your views 
  • Your avatar
    • Helping your marketing decisions 
  • Write their story
    • How did they find you and what do you give them?

 [05:34 - 06:33] Closing Segment 

  • You have your client, now what?
    • Making better decisions
    • Examples 
    • Refer to your avatar 
  • Feel free to share your client avatar with us! 
    • Contact links below
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

"Of course you want people who are like-minded… if you don’t align with your clients in terms of politics and religion, you’re not going to be able to best serve them.” - Tracey Hicks

“Imagine that you're writing as a client - how did they find you…? Why did they choose you? Thinking about that from the customer's perspective is really a different way of thinking about it.” - Tracey Hicks

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