Real Estate Bytes - I Have TOO Much Content

I have way too much content, yep it’s possible! We realized we had so much content that we became paralyzed with what to share next. Today, let’s do a deep dive and talk about something that isn’t talked about enough in the real estate space; what do we do with the myriad of content options that we have, how do we go about organizing all of it, and what resources can help you. 

Listen in and hear us talk about what to do with all your content, how to organize it, and what NOT to do!

[00:01 - 02:24] Opening Segment

  • Welcome back to Real Estate Bytes
    • I have TOO much content
  • The problems agents face with content
    • My findings from research 
    • What to look forward to in today’s byte

[02:25 - 14:49]  I Have TOO Much Content; Tools and Tips to Organize Your Content

  • First, keep things simple 
    • Life is busy for agents, don’t complicate things
    • Using Dropbox Paper
      • Our experience with it
  • Putting out emails from the customer’s view
    • Sharing customer images to showcase products 
    • Using Excel 
    • Our process
      • Keeping the content organized through strike throughs
  • Different ideas for you to try out
  • What I learned from my research
    • Top 12 types of Media content to create
      • Link below
    • 9 types of content to stop posting
      • Link below 
    • There’s too much content, how on earth do I stand out
      • Link below

[14:50 - 15:14] Closing Segment 

  • You have your client, now what?
    • Making better decisions
    • Examples 
    • Always refer to your avatar 
  • Feel free to share your client avatar with us! 
    • Contact links below
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

"There’s too much content… I find that really interesting that we have not really addressed that problem a whole lot.” - Tracey Hicks

Resources Mentioned: 

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