Real Estate Bytes - Starting Your Own Podcast

Podcasting is a growing platform not only in the real estate industry but also in the entire business world. In this Real Estate Bytes episode, I will be talking about why starting a podcast is one of the best ways to accelerate your business. I will talk about how you can connect with your customers, clients, or basically anyone through podcasting and why it is such a great way to network. I will also share some tips on starting your own podcast, from creating a title to choosing guests. 

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[00:01 - 05:33] Why I Started a Podcast 

  • I always want to connect with my customers
  • It’s a great way to share my knowledge
  • Networking through podcasts

[05:34 - 14:02] Tips for Starting Your Own Podcast

  • Creating a podcast title
  • Make your Frequently Asked Questions page your podcast
  • Incorporate your daily life into your podcast
  • Who you can invite as guests
  • I talk about our podcast production team

Tweetable Quotes:

“This is another way to connect with your community. Hosting and also being a guest on a podcast really does help build those relationships in your communities... Podcasting and networking really do go hand in hand.” - Tracey Hicks

“What kind of guest could you have? Who's going to be on that guest list? The first thing I say is, who's your team? Inspectors, lenders, title reps, your contractor people, have them all on your show to talk about their expertise… By having those people on your show, you're giving people information. You're also giving the people on your team and in your tribe who helped you on your realtor journey, helped you be successful, you get to honor them and talk about them and share out their information.” - Tracey Hicks

Resources Mentioned:

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