Real Estate Bytes - Thanking the Co-op Agent

Relationships in the real estate community are important. Simple ways to thank the co-op agent can go a long way. This is what I talk about in this Real Estate Bytes episode. I will share my thoughts on the impact of thanking your co-op agents even in the simplest of ways. I will also talk about the long-term effect of building camaraderie with co-op agents and why it’s something that we should be doing more of. Join me and listen in!

[00:01 - 03:14] Thanking the Co-op Agent 

  • Think about thanking your co-op agent
  • Relationships among realtors are important
  • Give them gifts
  • It’s the camaraderie
  • Don't forget about the lenders and the title people as well

Tweetable Quotes:

“It's our community. And I think that just doing little simple things really does go a long way.” - Tracey Hicks

“Relationships among us realtors are really important, and I think that we need to do more of it.” - Tracey Hicks 

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