I Heart Real Estate (Rectangle/Black) - Vinyl Transfer Decal - 4"


What person in real estate doesn't want to let EVERYONE know you're in Real Estate!? Putting a decal on your car, laptop, water bottle, coffee thermal, the list goes on and on of where you can add a lil real estate to what you might already use everyday.

    Here's a quick video on how to apply your decal:

    1. Clean the surface with damp cloth or rubbing alcohol then wait until its completely dry
    2. Prepare and position your decal: BEFORE you unpeel anything, take a credit card and rub the top layer of the decal on a hard surface. Position on intended surface and secure the sheet with tape along the top, tape now acts as a hinge.
    3. Remove backing paper: Flip the sheet on its hinge and very slowly peel the backing paper away from the decal. If the decal stays stuck to the backing paper, rub the decal onto the transfer tape and slowly try again, try changing angels too.
    4. Apply the decal: Using a squeegee or credit card, firmly rub over the transfer tape, working from the center out.
    5. Remove the transfer tape: At a 45 degree angle very slowly peel back the edge of the transfer. Press over the decal with your application tool ensuring the decal is well adhered.
    6. TADA!  Done and lookin good hopefully! 

    Customer Reviews

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    Shannon Dooley (Reno, US)
    Fun Decal!

    This is so cute on my water bottle! The lettering is a little bit delicate for the abuse my water bottle takes so I think I'll put the second one on something a little more stationary.

    I hear ya Shannon! BUT if you're nice to it, it will stay on there pretty good. I've had mine on since last summer and it's still on it perfeclty...NO DISHWASHER THO! lol