Tips for Filming A Virtual Home Tour

Before 2020, virtual tours were nice to have but not mandatory. Now that social distancing is a part of your everyday life, virtual showings can be a key asset to reaching potential buyers digitally. These days, almost every business is going virtual, and real estate is no exception. 

Due to newly enacted safety guidelines, you have to find non-traditional ways to sell. It’s no longer recommended to have a revolving door of people visiting your open house. Whether you’re interested in doing a virtual walkthrough or a video walkthrough, this is a prime time to put your skills to the test.

Here at All Things Real Estate, we’re all about finding creative ways for staying connected. Today, we’ll be sharing five tips for filming a virtual home tour yourself!

Virtual Tours 101

#1 Pick Your Locations

Before filming, walk the home and find areas with prime features and angles to film. From large rooms to closets, make a list of spaces your viewers will want to see as if they were there.  

#2 Staging The Space

Staging not only shows the potential of the home but adding furniture will provide scale and context when viewing virtually.

#3 Gather Your Equipment

Smartphones and a video editing app are essentials for getting started. To avoid shaky filming, use a tripod or stabilizer for smooth transitions.

#4 Chase The Light

Natural light is the way to go! Start filming before sunset to ensure a warm, natural glow to every shot. 

#5 Do A Test Run

Film a practice walkthrough and see how you did! Make helpful notes pertaining to the audio quality, camera height levels, and any spaces you’d like to capture for next time. 

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