Getting Your Real Estate Life Together: Q&A with Daniel Gluckin

Name, Location and how long have you been an Agent

Daniel Gluckin. Raleigh/Durham. This winter will be the end of my fourth full year.

How would you describe your brand?

It's all about doing more. It's literally tattooed on my arm. Doing more as far as service to my clients, doing more for my team to help us all grow, and doing more for my brand online and my content. Always making sure it's of the highest quality, is eye catching, and keeps the viewers attention until the very end.

How do you differentiate yourself?

I am #TheRunningRealtor and I'll always go above and beyond in every way. I stick around too. I heard a stat that 85% of people who go through a real estate transaction don't remember the name of the agent who helped them after 2 years. That will never be a problem for me. My goals is for my clients to remember my level of service, and how I go about representing them, and myself, forever.

What marketing method is most effective for you and why?

Videos. I love making them! I make them all by myself which I feel is the best possible way to show who I am. I continually learn to make myself better so I never have to rely on anyone else to represent who I am. Check out my YouTube or Instagram!

What marketing method is least effective for you and why?

I don't waste time on methods that aren't effective. But if I have to choose, posting anything on LinkedIn lol

What are your three favorite ways to start a conversation?

I always want to express interest in the other person. I love meeting people and seeing what they are about. Love learning what others do so I can see where we connect! Then we just take it from there.

How are you elevating the look and feel of your business?

Getting a new camera soon....(it's pre-ordered, this isn't a "oh it's coming but then I never do anything about it" type thing)....It'll be a game changer. I'm not afraid to spend money on my equipment. I take pride in it and always want to make sure I am ahead of the curve in every way.

What's one piece of advice you would give a new agent?

Come out swinging and STAY SWINGING. You have to work like it's day 1 on day 186 or you'll never make it. The hardest transaction to get is your first. Think of a rocket ship taking off....all that fuel they burn, all that force, all that just to get it off the ground.

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