Getting Your Real Estate Life Together: Q&A with Lauren Goché

Name, Location and how long have you been an Agent 

Lauren Goche, Portland, OR, 7 years

How would you describe your brand?

hmmmmmm.....empathetic, authentic, kinda weird?

How do you differentiate yourself?

honestly? I just try to be the truest form of me in all that I do, and I'm a bit of an odd bird, so it naturally differentiates me

What marketing method is most effective for you and why?

honesty and humor in all marketing. Instagram has brought me the best people

What marketing method is least effective for you and why?

anything paid. I follow the Golden Rule of Marketing. Market unto others as you would have them market unto you

What are your three favorite ways to start a conversation?

oh gosh. I don't know? probably ask about people's pets. pets are life

How are you elevating the look and feel of your business?

I've been doing agent walkthrough videos lately for listings and I think it adds a whole new level for my sellers.

What's one piece of advice you would give a new agent?

Not everyone is your client. Be the purest form of yourself and the right people will come.

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